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EMN Informs

Short Informs focus on specific topics in the area of migration and asylum and they briefly describe the main findings and statistics related to the particular topic. They are composed by the European Commission based on the studies or Ad-Hoc Queries. You can find the Informs not only in this section, but also in related annual reports and studies.

Practical Approaches and Good Practices in Return and Reintegration to Afghanistan and Pakistan (2014)

This EMN Inform based on the information collected via EMN Return Expert Group (REG) summarises the impact of the assisted voluntary return and reintegration programmes for irregular migrants to Afghanistan and Pakistan. It also identifies good practices and scope for further cooperation among EU Member States and Norway and presents the latest available statistics.

Addressing Facilitation of Irregular Migration by Boats Departing from North Africa (2014)

This EMN Inform provides a summary of information on irregular migration and smuggling by boats departing from North Africa. It also summarizes measures adopted by EU Member States in order to fight this kind of smuggling.

Case Law of the Court of Justice of the European Union Relating to Legal Migration and National Developments (2014)

This EMN Inform provides information on national and EU case law on the interpretation and application of legal instruments within the legal migration of the EU acquis (particularly regarding long-term residence, family reunification and free movement of persons in the EU).

Applicable Fees for Issuance of Residence Permits to Third-Country Nationals (2014)

This EMN Inform provides an overview of applicable fees for issuance of residence permits to third-country nationals. The legal framework of fees has been regulated by various EU directives. The information included in the Inform is valid as of September 2014.

Good Practices in the Return and Reintegration of Irregular Migrants: Member States’ Entry Bans Policy and Use of Readmission Agreements between Member States and Third Countries (2014)

This EMN Inform summarises the main findings from the respective EMN synthesis report dealing with the legislative framework and practical application of entry bans and readmission agreements by EU Member States and Norway.

The Use of Detention and Alternatives to Detention in the Context of Immigration Policies (2014)

This EMN Inform summarises the main findings from the respective EMN synthesis report dealing with the legislative framework and good practices in the use of detention and alternatives to detention by EU Member States and Norway towards third-country nationals.

Migrant Access to Social Security and Healthcare: Policies and Practice (2014)

This EMN Inform summarises the main findings from the respective of the EMN synthesis report dealing with the political and legislative framework regulating the participation of third-country nationals in EU Member States and Norway’s social security systems, as well as with access of this group of migrants to various social security benefits and healthcare.

Impacts of the European Migration Network (2014)

This EMN inform draws together examples of impacts that the European Migration Network and its outputs have had in relation to policy-making and debate on issues of migration and asylum at EU and national levels until 2013.

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