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EMN Informs

Short Informs focus on specific topics in the area of migration and asylum and they briefly describe the main findings and statistics related to the particular topic. They are composed by the European Commission based on the studies or Ad-Hoc Queries. You can find the Informs not only in this section, but also in related annual reports and studies.

Satisfying Labour Demand through Migration (2011)

This EMN Inform presents the main outcomes of the EMN Study Satisfying Labour Demand through Migration aimed at identifying and assessing available statistical data on sectors experiencing labour shortages in the Member States as well as presenting national strategies to address labour market needs and effectiveness of their implementation in relation to third-country migrant workers.  

Migration and International Protection Statistics 2008 (2011)

This EMN Inform presents a summary of the main findings of the analysis of migration and international protection statistics for the year 2008 based on the contributions from the EU Member States included in their national EMN Statistics Reports for 2008. The statistics were for the first time analysed on the basis of data gathered in accordance with the Migratory Statistics Regulation 862/2007.

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