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EMN Publications

In this section you will find the EMN outputs that have been published in Slovakia, other EU Member States, Norway and by the European Commission. They are mainly: studies (in a form of a questionnaire or publication), annual reports, bulletins, informs and newsletters that provide the information and statistics from different areas of migration and asylum.

  • examine topics from the area of migration in the Slovak Republic and the EU
  • for Slovakia available in a form of a questionnaire or a publication
  • approximately 4 topics per year
  • based on a common specification for all EU Member States
  • summarize development of migration policies, legislation and activities from the given year in Slovakia and the EU
  • cover all areas of migration 
  • available as a publication together with the statistics
  • based on a common specification for all EU Member States
  • short information briefs on specific migration topics
  • present the main findings and statistics
  • on average 10 per year
  • based on studies, reports and EMN Ad-Hoc Queries
  • informs about current developments, outputs and statistics in various fields of migration in the EU, its Member States
  • published quarterly by the European Commission
  • contributions by the Member States and the European Commission
  • possibility to receive it by e-email

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EMN Coordinator for Slovakia

International Organization for Migration (IOM) – Office in the Slovak Republic

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European Comission - Directorate General for Migration and Home Affairs 

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