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Educational tool Destination Europe

Negotiate migration policy and see the impacts of your decisions

Migration is a complex topic. One of the ways to contribute to its understanding is through discussion based on factual knowledge and context. This innovative educational tool helps students and professionals engage in deeper discussions about migration and integration issues and opportunities.

Destination Europe is an educational and training tool based on role-playing for groups of 4 to 6 participants. In 90 minutes, players experience a comprehensive decision-making process on migration policies involving various stakeholders with sometimes conflicting interests. This tool illustrates the real impacts that political decisions have on migrants and the public in host countries. The educational tool was created by the European Migration Network (EMN).

It is a discussion activity that helps users understand the complexity of migration decision-making. Participants assume the roles of various stakeholders in the field of migration and dive into stories about migration and integration at the EU, national, and local levels. The stories are based on research and evidence, illustrating the potential consequences of migration policy decisions for different groups of migrants, such as refugees and asylum seekers, labor and irregular migrants, and citizens of EU countries where migrants settle.

We present to you Destination Europe:

For whom is this educational tool?

The target audience for Destination Europe is mainly young people from 16 years old and adults. It has been tested by over 230 users, including university students, migration experts, and professionals in the field.

This innovative education and training tool allows teachers and youth workers to use this activity when working and discussing topics of migration with young people.

What will you learn?

Students can try out the roles of a minister, a European Commissioner, a mayor, or a representative of a non-governmental organization and make decisions that influence the formulation of migration policies, as well as the lives of three specific migrants: Yulia, Ahmed, and Sunil. In addition to discussion and argumentation, students have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of migration in Slovakia and the world.

Players can:

  • Experience the complexity of decision-making on migration at different levels: EU, national, and local.
  • Familiarize themselves with the positions and interests of various actors: EU or national policymakers, representatives of civil society, employers, migrant associations, and different groups of EU citizens.
  • Consider the potential impacts of migration and integration policies on different groups of migrants: asylum seekers and refugees, irregular migrants, and labor migrants.
  • Develop 21st century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and leadership.

Educators and trainers will gain:

  • An innovative education and training tool that teaches and increases awareness of politically and socially important issues.
  • A customized background material that quickly introduces the tool and the topics it covers, guiding players toward further preparation to enhance their educational experiences.

How to proceed?

If you want to use the print-and-play version:

  • Print the content provided below according to the instructions on the first page. of each document.
  • Cut if necessary.
  • Fold if necessary.
  • Play according to the instructions in the rulebook.

For more detailed instructions, refer to the video:

Contact us

For teachers and youth workers, we offer the opportunity for training that will introduce how to use this activity when working and discussing migration topics with young people.

If you are interested in conducting a workshop at your school or for a group of young people (outside of school) with the participation of a representative from our organization, please contact us at: ncpslovakia@iom.int.

The educational activity is available in multiple languages, including English, French, and German.

Destination Europe in Numbers:

Number of participants
Number of workshops organised


Cards: cut and play


Roles: cut, fold and play


Rules: read and follow the instructions


Map: put on the table while playing


Chips: cut out and use for voting and tracking migrant and EU public outcomes


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