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EMN discussed strategies of approaching children in the migration, emphasising the significance of collaborative involvement among stakeholders in Slovakia

Migration Office of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic and International Organization for Migration (IOM) as the members of the National Contact Point of the European Migration Network (EMN) for the Slovak Republic organized a small scale meeting “How to Approach Children in the Migration Process: Collaboration among Stakeholders” that took place on 22nd November 2023 in Bratislava. The meeting provided space for sharing experience on procedures, good practices and challenges related to strategies when approaching and communicating with children during the migration process.

04 December 2023

New EMN study provides an overview of Integration of applicants for international protection in the labour market

This study examines the labour market access of applicants for international protection between 2017 to 2022 and offers an up-to-date and comprehensive analysis of legislation, policies and practices in European Migration Network (EMN) Member Countries on integration of applicants for international protection into the labour market, including the involvement of the key actors in that implementa­tion. The study also illustrates challenges and offers a wide range of good practices.

03 November 2023

Listen up with EMN: Podcasts from the 9th EMN Educational Seminar on Migration: Protection of Migrants in Vulnerable Situations

With increasing global migration and forced displacement, many migrants face risks of insecurity, violence, exploitation, abuse, and violation of their rights. During the seminar we have looked at what makes migrants vulnerable and how to protect them, which kind of power passports have in global mobility as well as in access to opportunities, and why we keep hearing about migrant caravans. Listen to a series of podcasts of the European Migration Network (EMN) Slovakia on this topic.

04 October 2023

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