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Short Informs focus on specific topics in the area of migration and asylum and they briefly describe the main findings and statistics related to the particular topic. They are composed by the European Commission based on the studies or Ad-Hoc Queries. You can find the Informs not only in this section, but also in related annual reports and studies.

Labour market integration of beneficiaries of temporary protection from Ukraine (2023)

Published: May 2024

The EMN-OECD joint inform highlights insights on labour market integration of beneficiaries of temporary protection from Ukraine. It showcases rising employment rates, policy priorities, and measures across European countries and non-EU OECD countries, emphasizing the need for tailored strategies to address challenges effectively.

Download attachments: inform (EN)

Family reunification for beneficiaries of international protection (2023)

Published: April 2024

The inform examines the overall process of family reunification, documentary evidence needed, and family reunification with children. It also addresses the different practices between minor and the specific case of dependent adult children.

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Digitalisation of identity documents and residence permits issued to third-country nationals (2023)

Published: March 2024

The inform offers a comprehensive analysis of the challenges and advantages in adopting digital-only immigration procedures based on contributions from 23 EMN Member States and two Observer Countries, namely Georgia and Ukraine.

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Access to autonomous housing in the context of international protection (2023)

Published: January 2024

The inform outlines the challenges and existing support services in accessing autonomous housing for international protection beneficiaries and applicants. From shortages in the private housing market to language barriers, the inform addresses the multifaceted challenges and highlights the importance of the Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion 2021-2027, advocating for affordable and inclusive models to enable a smooth transition to independent living.

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Statelessness in the European Union, Norway and Georgia

The updated EMN Inform on Statelessness explores how EU countries, Norway and Georgia are determining statelessness, the nexus of stateless status and the issuance of residence permits, as well as the impacts on particular groups such as (unaccompanied) minors.

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Displacement and migration related to disasters, climate change and environmental degradation

The inform aims to examine current legal, policy and organisational frameworks and practices in the EMN Member Countries and other non-EU OECD countries addressing climate-related migration and displacement, as well as relevant projects and international cooperation efforts. It complements existing research by providing an overview of main initiatives at national level.

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Resettlement, Humanitarian Admission and Sponsorship Schemes

The inform provides policymakers with the latest comparative information on resettlement, humanitarian admission schemes, and sponsorship schemes. It includes an overview of developments in EMN Member Countries spanning from 2016 to 2022. It offers an opportunity to the countries introducing new schemes to learn from established programmes in other countries.

Download attachments: inform (EN)

Accompanied children's right to be heard in international protection procedures (2022)

The inform provides an overview of the implementation of the right of accompanied children to be heard in international protection procedures in the EMN Member Countries and Norway, and presents their challenges, good practices and lessons learned in guaranteeing that right.

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