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Short Informs focus on specific topics in the area of migration and asylum and they briefly describe the main findings and statistics related to the particular topic. They are composed by the European Commission based on the studies or Ad-Hoc Queries. You can find the Informs not only in this section, but also in related annual reports and studies.

Bilateral readmission agreements (2021)

The inform looks at the implementation, monitoring and evaluation, as well as effectiveness of bilateral readmission agreements signed by EU Member States. It specifically focuses on the bilateral readmission agreements negotiated, signed, or entered into force in the period 2014-2020. The inform is accompanied by a detailed the inventory of bilateral readmission agreements which updates the inventory of professor Cassarino with his consent. The inventory contains information on bilateral readmission agreements that were signed or entered into force in the mentioned period, as well as bilateral implementing protocols to the EU readmission agreements.

Download attachments: Inform (EN) Inventory

Secondary movements of beneficiaries of international protection (2021)

The inform firstly examines how Member States regulate the transfer of responsibility for a beneficiary of international protection from the first State to the second State. Such transfer of responsibility for issuing of a travel document for refugees is understood as per Article 28 of the Geneva Convention on Refugees and Article 2 of European Agreement on Transfer of Responsibility for Refugees (EATRR). Secondly, the inform explores the situation where beneficiaries of international protection, already recognised in a first State, lodge applications for international protection in a second State.

Download attachments: Inform (EN)

Incentives and motives for voluntary departure (2021)

The inform explores which incentives exist in the EU Member States and Norway and to what extent they affect the decision to depart voluntarily. It also examines the impact of information dissemination on the decision to take up voluntary departure. Finally, it analyses whether available incentives have impacted the motives behind a decision to depart voluntarily or to benefit from the programmes of assisted voluntary return and reintegration (AVRR). The inform assesses changes that Member States and Norway have implemented since the EU Commission’s Pact on Migration and Asylum, with the resulting EU Strategy for Voluntary Return and Reintegration.

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Application of the Temporary Protection Directive (Scope and Registration) (2022)

The inform provides information related to the implementation of the Temporary Protection Directive, triggered in response to the influx of refugees caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022. It relates to the scope of the Temporary Protection Directive in 26 EU Member States as well as registration process of persons fleeing the war in Ukraine.

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Mapping of mental health policies for third-country national migrants (2021)

The inform maps the policies in place in the EU Member States to provide support to legally residing migrants and ensure their access to mental health services. It focuses on the challenges that migrants face in accessing these services and the practices developed by Member States to address these challenges.

Download attachments: Inform (EN)

Attracting and retaining international researchers (2021)

The inform analyses the implementation of the Students and Researchers Directive and relevant national policies, schemes and practices in the EU Member States. It looks at the experiences of the EU Member States in attracting and retaining international researchers, considered as talented and highly qualified workers who can contribute to filling labour market needs. It also deals with the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic in this area.

Download attachments: Inform (EN)

Preventing, detecting and tackling situations where authorisations to reside in the EU for the purpose of study are misused (2021)

The Inform provides a comparative overview of Member States’ approaches, experiences and best practices in addressing cases where authorisations to reside in the EU for the purpose of study of third-countries nationals are misused. It distinguishes between the pre- and post-arrival phase. The Inform highlights the main methods adopted by the Member States and the consequences linked to such cases.

Download attachments: Inform (EN)

Skills Mobility Partnerships: Exploring Innovative Approaches to Labour Migration (2021)

The Joint EMN-OECD Inform highlights experiences by the EU Member States, non-EU countries and international organisations with regards to Skills Mobility Partnerships (SMPs), a new concept that promotes a sustainable approach to skilled migration and mobility, aiming to build skills for the benefit of countries of origin and destination. It presents experiences of implementing SMPs and similar initiatives in the EU and globally.

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