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Educational Seminar on Migration

Since 2012, the three-day seminar creates a unique educational environment on migration and an opportunity to establish new contacts, exchange experience and to enable discussion with renowned experts from abroad and Slovakia. Until present, the seminar has been attended by more than 600 participants who listened to more than 120 lecturers.

Migration in a Multilateral World - 2021 Seminar in a Nutshell

The aim of this intensive event is to provide the experts from state institutions, non-profit sector, research institutions, academia, media and other relevant stakeholders with comprehensive and up-to-date information on international migration and thus support the policy making in Slovakia. Since 2017, the representatives of other EMN National Contact Points have taken part in the seminar.

In the evening, the seminar is accompanied by public events.

Topics and outputs of the 8 seminar editions:

The seminar was not held in 2016 due to ongoing EMN Annual Presidency Conference which was organised by EMN Slovakia, and in 2020 due to measures related to COVID-19 pandemic.

2021 | Migration in a Multilateral World (online)

2019 | Impacts and Opportunities of International Migration

2018 | Causes and Consequences of Forced Migration

2017 | Addressing the Needs of Forced Migrants in the 21st Century

2015 | Irregular Migration – Borders and Human Rights

2014 | Forced Migration – Causes and Possible Solutions

2013 | Labour Migration Opportunities and Challenges

2012 | Migration Globally and Locally

Testimonials from seminar attendees:

Very good mixture of scientific and partly more practical speakers. The broad spectrum of information makes it an enriching experience. The length of the talks is appropriate and enhances the didactic character to make clear this is educational and not simply another gathering of researchers giving only short presentations.

Great side events.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in your EMN Educational Seminar on Migration. The whole seminar was very interesting, full of foreign experts and finally it was a seminar where one could learn something and found out other information than those publicly presented.

Very good and ambitious programme. I know how much work it takes to organize an event. Very well done.

Watch the lectures:

How does Slovakia assist migrants and refugees? (in Slovak) | panel discussion | 2021
Melissa Siegel: Debunking migration myths and misconceptions | 2021

You can find a complete series of lectures here

Listen to the podcasts:

Available in a favourite podcast app or in our EMN Slovakia Podcasts.

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