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EMN Informs

Short Informs focus on specific topics in the area of migration and asylum and they briefly describe the main findings and statistics related to the particular topic. They are composed by the European Commission based on the studies or Ad-Hoc Queries. You can find the Informs not only in this section, but also in related annual reports and studies.

Challenges and Practices for Establishing the Identity of Third-Country Nationals in Migration Procedures (2017)

This EMN Inform summarises the key findings of the EMN Synthesis Report on challenges and practices for establishing identity of third-country nationals in migration processes. It provides the overview of the challenges faced by national authorities in their efforts to reliably verify the identity of third-country nationals within the context of various migration procedures and of national practices of EU Member States to address those challenges. 

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Statelessness in the EU (2016)

This EMN inform contains information collected through an ad-hoc question on statelessness in the EU. It analysis the theoretical background of international law in this regards, compares legislation of EU Member States and practical differences in the statelessness determination procedure. It also deals with the rights of persons who have been granted a status of a stateless person and describes situations regarding the stateless minors.

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The Return of Rejected Asylum Seekers: Challenges and Good Practices (2016)

This EMN Inform summarises the key findings of the EMN Synthesis Report on returning the rejected asylum seekers, analyses the differences in between the return procedures of respective EU Member States and specific challenges these countries face when returning the rejected asylum seekers. Inform also provides an overview of the national policies of EU Member States in the field of return as well as of legal frameworks. It briefly describes situations when return of third-country nationals is not immediately possible, practices adopted by each EU Member States to address these situations, as well as measures these countries are implementing to encourage rejected asylum seekers to leave the EU territory.

Resettlement and Humanitarian Admission Programmes in Europe - What Works? (2016)

This EMN Inform includes the key findings of the EMN Synthesis Report on resettlement and humanitarian admission programmes and schemes in Europe, as well as private sponsorship programmes for refugees in the EU Member States and Norway. It provides an overview of the national political contexts and focuses also on methods and criteria used for selecting persons to be resettled, activities undertaken prior to departure to the resettlement country, post-arrival integration measures, as well as challenges and good practices in the implementation of resettlement and humanitarian programmes/schemes in Europe.

Integration of Beneficiaries of International/Humanitarian Protection into the Labour Market: Policies and Good Practice (2015)

This EMN Inform provides an overview of the conditions of labour market access for various categories of beneficiaries of international protection both in legislation and in practice as well as examines the categories of residence statuses of these beneficiaries.  It also looks into different types of employment related support measures, analyses coordination between relevant bodies and other authorities within the field of integration and maps good practices and obstacles in EU Member States.

Changes in Immigration Status and Purpose of Stay: an Overview of EU Member States’ Approaches (2015)

This EMN Inform summarises the key findings of the EMN Study on the changes in immigration status within the framework of various legislation in different EU Member States. It highlights the changes in purpose of stay and the main factors influencing Member States' admission of the change. Inform includes also the main challenges Member States face in this regards, identifies good practices and lessons learnt as well as analyses the effectiveness, impact and perception of national change of status policies.

Determining labour shortages and the need for labour migration from third countries in the EU (2015)

The EMN Inform provides an overview of the mechanisms in place in the EU Member States to determine labour shortages and quantifies the needs for migration labour and it describes the scale and nature of unfilled vacancies in the EU. It also assesses how the impact of labour migration on national labour markets is monitored and what kind of instruments are used to that end.

Migrants’ Movements through the Mediterranean (2015)

This EMN Inform summarises main findings of the EMN Policy Brief on trends in asylum applications and movement of non-EU migrants across the European Economic Area (EEA) over recent years up to September 2015. It outlines the key routes that migrants use to travel to the EEA and the countries where some subsequently claim asylum, along with some of the outcomes of those claims. It concentrates on those EU countries receiving the highest number of asylum applications, namely Germany, Sweden, Italy, France, Hungary, UK, Austria, Netherlands and Belgium. Greece is also included where relevant given its geographical location as a key migration route. Apart from the contributing EMN members, data was also provided by Frontex and Eurostat.

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