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EMN Discussion Evening: Europe or Die?, 26 August 2015, Bratislava

30 September 2015

On 26 August 2015, EMN held a discussion evening entitled Europe or Die? on irregular migration and current situation in the Mediterranean at KC Dunaj in Bratislava. The moderated discussion with guests from abroad and questions from the audience were preceded by screening of an episode from the documentary series VICE News – Europe or Die.

Discussion with Miriam Fassbender, documentarist and author of the book 2850 kilometres (2850 Kilometer) and of the film Foreign (Fremd) and Lívia Styp-Rekowska, expert from the IOM Regional Office in Vienna with a long-term experience in immigration and border management in Europe, Africa and Asia, was moderated by Zuzana Vatráľova, Head of the IOM Office in the Slovak Republic. It was attended by more than 60 people.

The event was organised within the EMN Educational Seminar “Irregular Migration – Borders and Human Rights” held in Bratislava on 25 – 27 August 2015. More information about the seminar is available here.

Photo gallery of the event

Photo gallery of the EMN Discussion Evening: Europe or Die?

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