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Migratory Pathways for Start-Ups and Innovative Entrepreneurs in the European Union (2019)

Over half of the EU Member States consider that attracting and retaining innovative entrepreneurs and start-ups from countries outside the EU will enhance the economic growth, innovation, and increase the global economic competitiveness. Therefore, in recent years, they have introduced various legislative measures, such as special visas or residence permits for innovative third country entrepreneurs. The Synthesis Report of the EMN Study Migratory Pathways for Start-Ups and Innovative Entrepreneurs in the European Union published by the European Migration Network (EMN)  identifies the factors and prerequisites for attracting and retaining start-up founders and innovative entrepreneurs from third countries, as well as examining the different admission pathways available, including specific start-up schemes. The Study also explores the role of cities, regions and particular locations as entrepreneurial hubs in attracting start-up founders and employees from third countries. 

Start-up admission schemes generally aim at fuelling economic growth and innovation and making the country more competitive in the globalised knowledge economy. Countries with start-up husband well-developed system of support for start-ups were found to be the most attractive for innovative entrepreneurs. Access to funding and factors such as cost of living, salary levels, housing and quality of life also play a role in the global competition for talent.
Member States that do not have a specific start-up scheme in place reported that they use other channels to admit start-up founders from third countries, such as long-term visas and residence permits for self-employment and business activities.

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