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EMN Studies and Policy Briefs

Studies examine in detail the selected topics in the area of migration and asylum. For the Slovak Republic they are available in a form of a questionnaire or they are developed into a compact text. The studies are elaborated based on a previously agreed and approved specification that is the same for all EU Member States and Norway.

Migrant Access to Social Security and Healthcare: Policies and Practice (2013)

The study deals with the political and legislative framework regulating the participation of third-country nationals in EU Member States and Norway´s social security system, their access to various social security benefits and healthcare, and related administrative procedures. It also provides an overview of bilateral agreements that EU Member States have concluded with third countries in the field of social security, and a statistical overview of the number of employed, unemployed, and economically inactive third-country nationals. The publication contains three case studies presenting the way of applying for the respective types of benefits as well as of the administrative procedures and decision-making of state authorities related to the granting of the benefits. 

Identification of Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings in International Protection and Forced Return Procedures (2013)

This focussed study examines how (potential) victims of trafficking in human beings are identified in the EU Member States and Norway in procedures for international protection and in forced returns of rejected applicants for asylum. The study also provides an overview of how the identification of a (potential) victim of human trafficking results to other residence granting procedures. Furthermore, the study contains information about the numbers of victims identified in this way and about related educational and training activities and manuals for workers coming into contact with (potential) human trafficking victims in international protection or forced returns procedures.

Organisation of Reception Facilities for Asylum Seekers (2013)

This focussed study provides an outline of organisation of reception facilities in EU Member States and Norway and provides an overview of the types of facilities, categories of applicants, and competent institutions making decisions on the placement of applicants in particular types of facilities. The study also describes the good practices in the European countries and focuses on the efficiency of facilities from the point of view of costs and the number of received and evaluated applications for international protection.

Attracting Highly Qualified and Qualified Third-Country Nationals (2013)

This focussed study describes the political and legislative measures in the EU countries and Norway in the area of attracting highly qualified and qualified workers – third country nationals. It also deals with the issue of effectiveness of such measures and their evaluation. The challenges and barriers for this group of migrants in accessing the respective labour markets are also described.

Immigration of International Students (2012)

This study aims at describing the national system of education and relevant legislative measures with the focus on international students – third country nationals as well as the general practice in the EU Member States and Norway towards this group of international students. The study provides also information on international cooperation and impacts of the mobility of international students onto the above-mentioned European countries. 

Intra-EU Mobility of Third-Country Nationals (2012)

This focussed study provides overview on legislation in the EU Member States and Norway related to intra-EU mobility of third country nationals, on barriers which influence migrants´ labour mobility within the EU as well as on related statistical data about this phenomenon.  

Establishing Identity for International Protection: Challenges and Practices (2012)

This focussed study summarises the relevant statistics and legislative framework in the area of establishing identity of a third-country national at EU Member State level as well as in Norway, describes the methods of identity detection and deals also with the decision making procedure in this regard. 

Misuse of the Right to Family Reunification: Marriages of Convenience and False Declaration of Parenthood (2012)

The focussed study identifies the scale and scope of two instances of the misuse of the right to family reunification, namely marriages of convenience and false declarations of parenthood of third-country nationals, as a route to settlement in the EU. It informs about the legislative, political and practical measures and available statistical data, and identifies best practice examples in the prevention of and fight against this phenomenon in EU Member States and Norway

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