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Beneficiaries of International Protection Travelling to their Country of Origin (2018)

A new study published by the European Migration Network (EMN) offers an overview of the experiences and existing practices in the EU Member States, Norway and Switzerland regarding beneficiaries of international protection who travel back to their country of origin. The study also examines the motivations of the individuals in question, and how such cases would be assessed by the national authorities in the countries that granted them refugee status. The study found that most countries participating in the research did consider travel to the country of origin as an indication that protection may no longer be needed. This could lead them to examine the purpose of the travel and to reassess the international protection status. The main findings of the study Beneficiaries of international protection travelling to their country of origin are also briefly explained in the new video

Little public information is available at EU or national level on the number of protection statuses withdrawn because of travel to the country of origin. The scale of beneficiaries travelling to their country of origin remains difficult to estimate, but where data is available the numbers overall seem low. The most common reason to travel stated by beneficiaries of international protection is related to family-related issues, followed by marriage in the country of origin and business activities.

All countries participating in the study reported informing beneficiaries of international protection of the possible consequences of either travelling to their country of origin. The study also found that these countries faced challenges in assessing cases due to the complexity in obtaining evidence and to verifying the reasons. 

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